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Posted by on June 17, 2018 – Student Testimonials


What made you decide to study Japanese in Japan? How long have you been studying at Coto Japanese Academy?

I have been working in Japan and learning Japanese on and off for the last few years. I did some studies and worked for a bit and I’m half Japanese so i have interest in getting to know my roots in japan.

I was working for awhile and I learned a lot of Japanese to an Intermediate level but wanted to learn to read and write – I have been studying at Coto for around 5 months with a few breaks intermittently.

How do you hear about Coto?

I googled it and took a look at the website and the reviews.

Why did you choose to study at Coto?

I chose coto for the flexibility of the schedule – you can jump in and out – which really appealed to me at the time when I was looking for schools.

At the time I was doing a side project – I came to japan to study natural dyes- specifically thread dying – aizome and indigo dying – because of that I would have to travel out of the city and spend a few weeks in the countryside on and off.  

Other schools made it so that you could only do class in a 3 month block with no makeups or schedule changes – which just didn’t work for my schedule – and since I didn’t need visa sponsorship – I thought Coto would be a good option.


What was your experience at Coto?  Did the course meet your expectations?

I can read now – I couldn’t read before – so I would say that it has definitely met my expectations and I plan on continuing my studies. The main reason why I signed up for school was because I wanted to read and I had never studied kanji before. I was using furigana to help read Kanji – but the textbooks that I needed to use to study only used Kanji.

I had a really helpful experience here and I have a job that I’m going to start next month – so I have definitely been able to achieve what I wanted to with my study and I look forward to further learning.

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