Japanese Study 20 Apps for Japanese learning on the go

Ever imagined yourself being fluent in the Japanese Language? Procrastinating and giving yourself excuses to deter yourself from picking up the language? Then this is the time to s...

Posted by on October 30, 2018
Dillon O – Design Professional Learning Japanese

  What made you decide to study Japanese in Japan? How long have you been studying at Coto Japanese Academy? I have been working in Japan and learning Japanese on...

AIUEO – “Chi” – Chahan

Today’s AIUEO Japanese learning blog is about Chahan – or fried rice. This blog will teach you how vocabulary and in the process – how to make delicious egg fried rice.

Four of the Best Apps to Learn Japanese Reading – 2018

Are you looking for the perfect app to help you learn Japanese reading?  This blog will list some of the most popular and helpful applications for learning how to read Japanese on iOS and Android mobile devices

AIUEO – Ta – Taiyaki

Japanese Version  Hello everyone! My A-I-U-E-O blog will be focusing on Ta this week. I hope that you enjoy guessing what word will come next! And today’s theme, well, if...

Student Story – Amanda – Intensive Japanese Upper Beginner

What made you decide to study Japanese in Japan? Ever since I was little I had an interest in japan which started with anime and manga – and then grew...

AIUEO - So (そ) - Souda (そうだ) - I know, Kyoto, Let’s Go!

In this blog – Matsumoto Sensei teaches us the meaning behind one of Japan’s longest running advertising Campaigns.

Bento Chat Hour – (June Schedule 2018)

Looking for a fun way to improve your Japanese speaking? We are excited to announce our newest event – Bento Chat Hour Speak only in Japanese for a one hour...

Student Story – Caleb – Day Trader

What brought you to Japan originally? I first came to japan when I was transferred with work in 1997 – My first time to Japan I lived here for three...

AIUEO Blog “Senpai”

Learn about the word Senpai and its meaning in Japanese and English in this latest A-I-U-E-O Learning Blog.

Events in June 2018

Japanese Every month we hold cultural and social events for our students and their friends to discover more about Japanese culture, meet new friends and practice Japanese. We are l...

Elissa – Student Story – Japanese Beginner Intensive Course

What brought you to study Japanese in Japan? I am half-japanese and grew up in America.  I recently moved back to Japan to reconnect with my Japanese roots – I...

AIUEO Learning Blog – Su – Suki koso monono jozu nare

This blog teaches us a popular Japanese Proverb – Su – “Suki koso monono jozu nare (What one likes, one will do well).” 好きこそものの上手なれ